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Practical advice:

1. You must read and revise the test study materials.
2. You must not count only on reading and understand the book, even memorising it.
3. The Test questions are based on understanding rather than just memorising numbers and dates.
4. There is no official published database of question, as in the driving theory test to study.
5. You may receive some bizarre questions like 'how often do children in the UK receive their pocket money', but they are all taken from the book.
6. Some test centres are ready to do the tests during weekends, so it could be worth searching for them if this interests you. You may need to drive a bit further.
7. If you are not sure about ability to pass the test, then I would recommend postponing your test. Just call the test centre and ask them to do so. Otherwise you may end up paying another £34.
8. We advise you to look at our about the test page for more information

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