The Test

So now you decided to take the test; unless you are well prepared we advise you not to do so. Many questions are based on understanding rather than just memorizing the paragraphs. Bear in mind that 1 of 3 people fail the test.

The good thing about it is that it is a multi choice test, so you do not really need to know the facts to the word. The questions you get in the official test are unlikely to exactly match those that you take in practice tests (although they will be very similar).
The test consists of 24 questions. The questions are based on understand of the new version of the life in the UK Test Book and not just memorizing the book.

It’s worth knowing that there are four different question formats that you may be asked.
- True or False – Specify if a statement is true or false
- Multiple Choice – Choose one correct answer
- Multiple Answer – Choose two correct answers
- Select statement – Choose which statement is correct from two options provided

UK Life Test website contains many sample tests with the correct answers and an innovative way for double checking the answers by choosing the cheat button. We are proud to be the closest possible to the official UK Citizenship Test, in terms of format and questions. Please note that the current Life in the UK Test sample questions are as close as possible to the official test. As of now, there is no official published database of questions.
Please do not hesitate to leave your comments either by contacting us or by visiting the forum. All comments are taken seriously.